March 3: Jews in Florida

Florida was admitted to the United States as its 27th state on this date in 1845. Fewer than a hundred Jews lived in Florida at the time (out of a white population of some 66,000) — including David Levy Yulee, one of the new state’s first two senators and the first Jew in the U.S. […]

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Spock as Unassimilated Vulcan

by Michael Salop THE TEXT CAME IN ON FRIDAY, February 27, at 1:09 pm. “Spock died.” It was a fitting way to find out that Leonard Nimoy had shuffled off this mortal coil — via a bit of technology that would have been considered science fiction when Star Trek first ran in the 1960s. But it […]

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Growing Up In Israel, Part 2

Yes to Peace, No to Violence by Ilana Masad Read other installments in this series here. MOVING FROM ONE COUNTRY to another involves a lot of getting ready and a lot of time spent in limbo. Even today, as my mother prepares to leave Israel twenty-two years after she arrived, the process of moving across […]

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