February 25: Phoebus Levene and the Elements of DNA

Phoebus Levene (Fishel Aaronovich Levin), a biochemist who pioneered the study of nucleic acids, the building blocks of life, and distinguished DNA from RNA, was born in Lithuania on this date in 1869. He studied medicine and chemistry in St. Petersburg and became an MD in 1891, two years before pogroms in the Russian Empire […]

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OpEdge: A Campaign to Make LAWS Against the Law

by Marc Jampole DOES YOUR SPELL-CHECK program ever frustrate you when it changes the grammatically correct “the person who” to the incorrect “the person that” or misses your mistake when you write the incorrect “the company and their employees” instead of the correct “the company and its employees”? We can blame these mistakes on the […]

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Growing Up in Israel, Part 1

We Were Not Zionists by Ilana Masad Read other installments in this series here. THERE ARE MANY REASONS why people move to Israel. For some, it is getting away from oppressive countries or economies and coming to a place where they automatically get citizenship. For others, there is a deep connection to the idea of […]

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