October 13: The Fact-Gatherer

Josephine Clara Goldmark, a social reformer of the Progressive Era who shaped the use of fact-gathering to win reform in the courts, was born in Brooklyn on this date in 1877. Working with the New York Consumer’s League, Goldmark recruited her brother-in-law, Louis Brandeis, to serve as the league’s attorney and compiled the “Brandeis Brief,” […]

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L.S. Asekoff, Judge of Our Poetry Contest

by Gretchen Primack The great poet L. S. Asekoff has published four books: Dreams of a Work (1994) and North Star (1997) with Orchises Press, and The Gate of Horn (2010) and Freedom Hill (2011) with TriQuarterly/Northwestern University Press. Between books, his thoughtful poems have appeared in such magazines as The New Yorker, American Poetry […]

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Daniel Cainer’s Bad Rabbi and Adulterous Parents

by Lawrence Bush Gilbert and Sullivan themselves could not have outdone British cabaret artist Daniel Cainer’s talent for compressing narrative, rhyme, emotion, and wit into songs, as displayed in his tremendously entertaining (if inadequately titled) one-man show, “Jewish Chronicles.” Cainer sits behind a Yamaha piano (its logo altered to read “Yamalka”), projects a few images […]

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