June 3: Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg, the author of “Howl,” “Kaddish,” and numerous other stunning poems that brought Jewish and homosexual content, as well as outrage at the inhumanity of modern American capitalism, to the forefront of American intellectual consciousness, was born (first name Irwin) in Newark, New Jersey on this date in 1926. Ginsberg became the most enduring […]

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Jewdayo and Apostasy

by Lawrence Bush I asked in our early-bird Jewdayo fundraiser the other day if readers thought Jewdayo should include or exclude people who for sincere or opportunistic reasons converted out of Judaism in the course of their lives. Here are some reader responses: Our frequent and erudite commentator, Anna Wrobel, wrote, While it irritates me […]

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Channel Esther: “$10,000 for One Poem”

My Life in Books by Esther Cohen From the Spring 2014 issue of Jewish Currents Well, much happened this year involving words, but my most unexpected experience began last summer, the way many things do, with innocence and unintention. I’ve been writing a novel for years, the same novel, about upstate New York, about class […]

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