August 11: Hedy Lamarr, Inventor

On this date in 1942, Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr received a patent (with composer George Antheil) for a “frequency hopping, spread-spectrum communication system” designed to make radio-guided torpedoes harder to detect or jam. The invention would eventually become the basis for wireless telephones and Wi-Fi, among other cutting-edge technologies. Lamarr (Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler) was […]

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August 10: Dr. Jacobs

Aletta Henriette Jacobs, the first woman doctor in Holland and a leader in the fields of peace activism, birth control, women’s suffrage, control of venereal disease, and the legalization of prostitution, died on this date in 1929 in the Netherlands at age 75. Jacobs practiced medicine in Amsterdam and established a free clinic for poor […]

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