March 9: Barbie

Ruth Handler’s Barbie doll was introduced to society at the New York toy fair on this day in 1959.  Handler’s creation represented a quantum leap in the understanding of doll play among preadolescent girls, who, judging from the sales figures, were less interested in “mothering” their dolls than in projecting their sexual and social aspirations […]

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Yiddish Tish Pariz

I wanted to point you all toward the website for Yiddish Tish Pariz: yidish tish iz an umformele grupe far mentshn vos voynen in pariz (oder noent tsu pariz, oder vos forn geveyntlekh keyn pariz) vos redn yidish, oder vos haltn zikh in lernen yidish. mir zenen umophengik, nisht farbunden mit keyn shum organizatsyes, un mir […]

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