Rod Serling and the Conscience of a Generation

by Marek Breiger “I would like television to produce some itching pills rather than this endless outpouring of tranquilizers . . .” —Edward R. Murrow Rod Serling, born eighty-five years ago on December 25th, 1924, was not only the creator of The Twilight Zone, but an important and irreplaceable mid-century American writer. He employed the […]

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Leonard Bernstein's Radical Politics

by Eric A. Gordon Reviewed in this Essay: Leonard Bernstein, The Political Life of an American Musician, by Barry Seldes. University of California Press, 2009, 276 pages. Only with the recent availability of Leonard Bernstein’s FBI dossier, and with the opening of his archive at the Library of Congress after 1997, has it been possible […]

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