open-jail-cellA Lock and Key on the Seder Plate     A new haggadah supplement, written by six women, including five rabbis, for the Jewish Working Group to End the New Jim Crow — with links to music and video.

New Jim Crow Fact Sheet

The Editor’s Diary: Fighting Jim Crow, Old and New     Lawrence Bush writes about Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, as well as recent films on the topic of racism and mass incarceration — and meets with several Jewish veterans of Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964.

Raising Jewish Consciousness about the New Jim Crow     Lawrence Bush’s five-minute video about the War on Drugs, racism, and Jewish history.

The Moral Arc of the Universe Doesn’t Bend On Its Own    A Rosh Hashonah sermon on Michelle Alexander’s book, caste systems, and racism by Rabbi Sue Levy Elwell, rabbinic director, East Geographic Congressional Network, Union for Reform Judaism.

For the Sin of Racism       A Yom Kippur sermon by Rabbi Jonathan Kligler of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation about “the collective sin of racism.”

Parashat Ki Tetze: Mercy vs. Mass Incarceration     Rabbi Suzanne Singer’s sermon about “Orange Is the New Black” and criminal justice concepts within Judaism.

Activist Groups Working to End the New Jim Crow and Mass Incarceration

Suggestions for Creating a Synagogue Movement to End the New Jim Crow

Criminal Justice and the New Jim Crow       Cheryl Greenberg’s article about the growing movement to overturn the New Jim Crow.

Teenage Reflections on Civil Rights and Isaiah    A play by teens from Beth Emet, the Free Synagogue and the Second Baptist Church, Riverside, California