O My America: Occupy Judaism

by Lawrence Bush

The prayers were fairly traditional — and we had to hear them twice because of the “mic check” technology (everyone repeating everything so that everyone can hear) — but I was really glad to travel with friends 2+ hours to Zuccotti Park to participate with 500 or more people in Occupy Judaism’s Rosh Hashone observance. Dan Sieradski, the key organizer, gave a fiery talk, citing a dozen Jewish sources, about sharing the wealth and bringing social justice to the world — and it was a pleasure to repeat his words out loud. A pleasure, too, to see Jewish Currents veteran readers Al and Rochelle Dorfman & Joel Shatzky & Steve Raber & Larry Yudelson & Lauren Raikin & Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz & a bunch more. To see a video excerpt of Sieradski’s talk, click here.

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  1. I mentioned Occupy Wall Street from the bimah of my synagogue on Rosh Hashahah, wishing everyone there as well as OWS shanah tovah, saying that now OWS is one year old and it’s nice to have another baby in the house. (After that, I gave my personal perspective on “My Jewish Atheism”, which was well received.)

    I’m still proud of my “A Declaration of the 99%”, published here in JC; it sadly holds up too well:

    For a year of social justice in 5773!

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